Volunteer at Row for the Cure Seattle

Volunteer at Row for the Cure Seattle

Join us for Seattle’s 19th annual Row for the Cure®! We have a number of opportunities for volunteers, jobs both small and large. The event is Sunday, 9/16. Volunteer positions are available Friday, Saturday and on race day, Sunday. All are welcome!

Sign up here for one of the many opportunities to be a part of Row for the Cure 2018!

THANK YOU TO OUR Planning committee, club ambassadors and lake union clubs

We want to recognize the our amazing planning committee and volunteers that continue to keep RFTC operating each year. While this is not a comprehensive list of everyone, and we apologize if we haven't included all of you, we do want to recognize many of those that are a part of our RFTC Family! From providing launch docks, launch boats, and drivers, to hours of time throughout the year in planning, we couldn't do it without you.

Amy Payne - Sponsors and Go to Gal

Patty Bulger - RFTC Operations and Wonder Woman

Jan Stone - Permits, Insurance and Mentor

Matt Johnson - Co- Chair and RFTC Guy

Peggy Mazzuca - SRA Ambassador & Volunteer Recruiter

Amy Sorter - Gas Works Park Planner and 3-Day Liaison

Birget Bertram - Permits and Insurance

Patty Finney - PRC Partner and RFTC Operations 

Hank Koerner - Regatta Central Event and Timing Guru

Pete Hirtle - Timing System Expert

Mike Rucier & Team - Course Set Up

Teddi McGuire - LWRC Ambassador/Launch Support

Sara Amies - Conibear Ambassador

Tara Morgan - Seize the Oar Ambassador

Catherine Humblet - 2015/16 RFTC Regatta Director and Volunteer

Theresa Hausmann - ERA Ambassador

Mara Barckert - LUC Ambassador/Launch Support

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